Coir and Cocopeat


Coconut Process
Coir is a product extracted from coconut husk, which is in the Coco-nut. Coco peat or Coir Dust is the dust created through the process of extracting coir fiber from coconut husk.

Of the world production of coconut, more than 50 percent is processed into copra. While a small portion is converted into desiccated coconut and other edible kernel products, the rest is consumed as fresh nuts. The coconut palm also provides a series of by-products such as fiber, charcoal, coir dust, handicrafts, vinegar, alcohol, sugar, furniture, roofing, fuel.


Primary Products of Coconuts
Copra (dried kernel) and its derivatives coconut oil, copra cake, plus desiccated coconut


Secondary and Derived Products
Coconut fiber, coir and coir products, mats, coir dust and coir dust products, matting, brushes, brooms, rubberized coir mattresses; shell products: charcoal, activated carbon; coconut-based food products: coconut milk, cream, natal de coco, coconut jam.