About Us


Wococo, established in year 2000, is a Sri Lankan Brand which purely focuses on coir and coco peat products. The Wococo brand has gained goodwill and a credible position in the International Market. Coming from the the most developed countries of the coconut in Sector. The Wococo has always been a part of eco-friendly product manufacturing in the country.

Over the past ten years Wococo has been researching and developing the uses of coco peat as a multi-purpose growing medium for the horticulture applications. Working in close cooperation with various sectors of the horticulture industry, we were able to improve our products for potting mix manufacturers, vegetable and flower growers, greenhouse hydroponic production, golf green construction, and many other specialist applications.



To be recognized as the Premier coir product Supplier in World

Mission Statement

To consistently deliver high quality, eco-friendly coir products to customers’ total satisfaction by committed adherence to proven processes and latest technology, spurred by set of committed individuals who are driven by an irrepressible desire to work as a team towards a common goal

Corporate Values

  • Total commitment to Quality
  • Dynamism and Professionalism
  • Continuous Improvement and Development
  • Human Centered Management
  • Right Attitudes and Uncompromising Integrity


Production Facilities

  1. Sri Lanka
  2. India
  3. Philippine - Not yet commission
  4. Indonesia - Not yet commission

The Wococo has 4 production complexes located in Sri Lanka , India , Philippine and Indonesia. Each in-house production facility consists of the most modern machineries for Bales, Briquettes, Grow bags, Discs, and Pot manufacturing. In addition, most efficient technologies are being used for operations like drying, material processing, blending, and packing. Wococo also has strong R&D department, design studio and the most highly experienced workforce to carry out research work related to new products.

All facilities are located at close proximity to Main sea ports of the relevant three Countries.The Corporate office is maintaining at No 440/109, Palm Grow Estate , Negombo, Srilanka. The nearest port is Colombo, which is 22 km south. Colombo International Airport is just 1km away. The nearest towns are Negambo and Colombo, which are well connected by road and rail.

Its stringent quality control process matches the manufacturing strength. From the procurement of raw coir dust/fiber to finished product, Wococo’s strict quality inspection with Total Quality Management (TQM) ensures that the customers received only zero defect product. All facilities are 5S system enabled and GMP Certified. Companies are in the final stage of implementing ISO 9001 quality management system.